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Office Address:

Source Logistics A/S

Djursvang 5A

DK- 2620 Albertslund, Denmark






+45 70 20 21 20 (Headquarters)


  • Open all day, 24x7


  • Among the most flexible

  • Fully integrated towards third party


  • Effective and transparent service

  • Time-critical service - max 4 hours

  • Large volumes of urgent shipments


  • Technical components and hardware


  • Leader in the IT and telecom sector


  • Ranked as having the highest security level


  • Main locations in Copenhagen and Aarhus


  • Ensures customer delivery and warranty agreements

In addition to thousands of pallet racking-meter, we have special areas indoors and outdoors

No paper


Our customers view

the status of their own

warehouse online and

in real time!

Source Logistics A/S, Djursvang 5A, DK-2620 Albertslund - - Phone: +45 70 20 21 20